Snowballing into the future

3705617325_8aa4e32347_oPhoto Credit: laurenlemon via Compfight cc

I read an article today on listening to your soul / core / inner voice / whatever you like to call it and on some level it hit home. I had to make a really difficult decision this week, and although it may seem a tad backwards or ridiculously stupid, it just felt right. Granted, I sorta made the same decision twice in the space of two days, only because I almost got talked out of it the first time round, but I’m glad I did it (twice).

I suspect it’s not the actual choices that freak us out, it’s the looming possibility of a multitude of consequences that prohibit us from taking any kind of action at all. What if the universe was really rooting for us to succeed? What if, if we listen to that (not-so-subtle) inner voice, we may actually like the ensuing scenarios? What if this was indeed the most retarded decision I’ve ever made? … I should rework all of that onto a t-shirt and wear it proudly on life-altering decision-making days.

Within this web of possibilities, I’m choosing to have a little faith, to trust that my future looks a lot better than I can even imagine, and that a few months from now, whilst staring at the ocean, I may reflect on this week and be grateful for being so damn brave.

“The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it might have led.” ~ Lisa WingateA Month of Summer

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