Paying hom(e)age

10518420223_46df8ed0be_bPhoto Credit: 55Laney69 via Compfight cc

Moving is quite an interesting animal, some days you can’t wait to start packing and other days you linger a little longer than necessary when hearing that familiar sparrow outside your window chatting to an approaching storm. It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to pay tribute to the lil place I called ‘home’ for the last few years.

Johannesburg can be crowded, busy, fast and terribly loud at times; depending on where you are, but I’ve been fortunate to have stayed in a lil haven where it’s quiet, pretty and I had actual trees in my backyard. I’ve enjoyed great times and equally horrid ones within these walls, and it seems bizarre that you leave no trace of that when you decide to move on. I’ll miss the comfort of knowing that it’s home, that it’s safe and that it’s yours (well kinda). I’ve learned that the structure has nothing to do with making a place feel like home and that we can’t help but pour ourselves into and onto our surroundings.

Finding and fending off spiders the size of my hand have made me brave and slightly paranoid and if I never have to encounter another one again, it’ll be too soon. *yes mista spider, surprising me in the shower was bad form, but announcing your arrival during movie night has made my spider tales more believable.

Cleaning you has made me humble and caring for you made me responsible. I can only hope that the next tenant treats you with the same level of respect.

Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need. – Sarah Ban Breathnach

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