Finding your place


After being away from home for about a month, I’ve come to realise why I crave the daily pretty I sought out when I moved a few months ago. A while back, when I was still living in the city, I came across a question, or rather a statement about your favourite place; everybody is supposed to have one, a spot that speaks to you and only you, a place you love taking people to … and … I didn’t have one. I tried finding one and the best I could come up with was the view from gym of a Japanese-looking roof at sunset that reminded me to travel. Oviasly I couldn’t drag people there, so I’d just stare out that window daily and daydream of stepping onto that plane ‘someday soon’, suitcase in hand sporting a huge moron grin.

Looking back, that definitely contributed to the not-so-sudden, seemingly-impulsive decision to go, a decision I’m fiercely proud of, even though I miss my ‘tribe’ back home terribly. Whilst watching the sun go down from the beach last Sunday, I was surrounded by a bunch of like-minded folk, people eager to slow down and witness the glory that lasts only a few minutes, something so pretty it’s hard to put into words. Life in all its forms are meant to be appreciated, enjoyed and stared at purely for the fact that it takes your breath away. So often we forget we’re part of this giant, living, breathing miracle and I’m grateful that I now get to take the time to just appreciate that.


You see, I found my place, I found it quite by accident, but man, did it make an impact. There’s a certain spot on the beach, where when I’m standing still staring out at the sun going down, the water gently playing around my ankles and shimmering gold or silver, for just a second, it makes me feel like I’m standing in the middle of a magical lake and as silly as that sounds, it makes me deliriously happy. The beach has become the place where I clear my head, chat to God, appreciate and just regroup when life gets a little overwhelming – in the quiet of nature, I’ve found my voice – and that there, makes it all worth it!

 “The earth has music for those that listen.” ~ George Santayana

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