Over the last 32 years *which feels like a lot less, I’ve discovered a few interesting things about myself and in the spirit of a good ramble, I decided to document them. Seemed like a fun idea at the time and after reading #5, you’ll understand why I had to get it done. Maybe when I’m 88 I’ll find it fascinating to reflect .. if I can still see by then after staring at an apple every day for most of my semi-adult life.

  1. I’m horriterrible at following diets or recipes of any kind. I don’t know why I feel the need to rebel inwardly and add random things, but I suspect it’s because it feels like I’m being told what to do – and I sorta hate that.
  2. I’m a terrible cook (probably as a result of #1), but I can blend/juice anybody out of a kitchen, I’m just that good at it, and it’s also probably the reason why I’m still alive.
  3. I have a faulty picker, I can do alota things really well, relationships don’t seem to be one of them.
  4. Freedom is one of my core values, it’s no coincidence ‘freelancing’ fits me like a glove. (could also explain #3)
  5. I’m way way WAY too darn impulsive – thought in my head: NEED to do it, the end.
  6. Saving money still eludes the crap outta me, even though I’ve made progress in terms of ensuring I won’t be homeless when I’m old, putting money away is really freakin hard.
  7. I fall in love with random objects almost daily, I’m a firm believer in love at first sight due to this fact, even though I’m not really materialistic (if you ignore all the apples I collect and look at my sparse furniture collection) *yes beautiful, coricraft bed, you shall be mine one day.
  8. I stalk trees, I adore them, I openly stare at them and I will get a tattoo of one sometime soon – they’re just freakin lovely and people chopping them down should be shot for stupidity.
  9. I hate zoo’s, keeping animals in confinement merely to taunt them makes absolutely no sense to me – same goes for caged birds – why the hell do you think it’s got wings? *revert back to the stupidity comment.
  10. Hunting for sport really upsets me, posing with dead animal: really? How is that something to be proud of when you didn’t even fight fair? *try killing a gorgeous lion with your bare hands sparky, then we’ll talk.
  11. The ocean scares the shit outta me. Yes it’s beautiful to look at and the beach is one of my favourite places, but swimming with things that could eat me however; doesn’t seem that smart to me.
  12.  I’m a compulsive list maker. I got lists everywhere, from my diary, to my phone, to my fridge .. there’s something nifty about writing stuff down.
  13. I’m fiercely competitive, I curse the day I downloaded the ‘TwoDots’ iphone game *fist in air.
  14. My friends and family mean the world to me, I’m insanely selective when it comes to people close to me, but when you’re in that circle, there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t do for you. *Need to hide a body? Where do you keep your shovel? **ok almost anything.
  15. I’m annoyingly stubborn, it’s not my fault I was born between two star signs. I’ll say this though, it gets shit done!
  16. My hair describes me perfectly: not quite curly, not quite straight, it’s like I was standing in the ‘label’ queue and decided to skip it completely. Who wants to be classified as only one thing anyway? *revert back to star sign comment.
  17. I really don’t like phone conversations, there’s something awesome about reading facial expressions in person. *why I ended up speaking to my Canadian friend for 3 hours on the phone the other day still sorta baffles me.
  18. Sometimes I have conversations in my head, don’t judge, it’s where I sort stuff out being half introverted, alota things get processed up there – could be why I have THE strangest dreams all the damn time. *just so you know, apps promising dreamless sleep: LIE.
  19. My personal style can be summed up with one word: comfortable. Yes, high heels look really good .. on other people, my practical mind just can’t justify the pain. I really really love my purple Levi sneakers, I don’t care what you think, they make me smile every time I wear them.
  20. Working in a restaurant really isn’t practical. I understand you want to get out of the house, but hogging a table, feeling guilty for not having ANOTHER cappuccino and having to pack up the macbook every time you need to pee: not great.
  21. I hate it when people assume I’m afrikaans just by looking at my surname, yes, you may have assumed right, but switching to afrikaans mid sentence is just dumb. *I’m not that patriotic, not my fault.
  22. I’m physically unable to say no to chocolate, unless it’s a really bad brand. I guess that makes me really easy to poison …
  23. I love getting lost in design, sometimes losing track of time and just listening to those creative whispers washing over you as you work, can be the best thing eva.
  24. Closet workaholic – oviasly due to me relishing #23
  25. Physically unable to pass a second-hand bookstore of any kind, even if I don’t end up buying anything, just being in the company of possible stories soothes me.
  26. Getting lost in a book and ending up wanting to get on the first plane to Cuba as a result: second best thing ever.
  27. I freakin hate being cold, sorta funny as I’m living in a flat that’s practically Iceland.
  28. I’m not a morning person, not by any stretch of the imagination and I sorta envy people who are. That said, staying up late and feeling the quiet .. pretty cool.
  29. I do really badly at big gatherings of any kind, it’s just the way I’m put together.
  30. I sometimes enjoy cleaning, but I think I’m really bad at it – I keep finding the odd cup that I somehow didn’t wash properly .. it’s an ongoing mystery.
  31. I tend to avoid confrontation until pushed to the limits. I find it physically exhausting engaging in any kind of fighting ritual that ‘normal’ folk make look so easy. *bless email! Turns out I’m really great at voicing my opinions ‘textually’.
  32. I hate sending outstanding invoices, do you really need to be reminded to pay me? When you eat a store-bought sandwich, you don’t pay for it a month or two later, same goes for design, it’s as simple as that.

Feel up to making a list of your own? Could be fun .. *yes, I’m an enabler.

“The list could surely go on, and there is nothing more wonderful than a list, instrument of wondrous hypotyposis.” ~ Umberto Eco 

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