Losing an e-limb


So I’ve temporarily lost a limb, not an actual limb (I’m sorta attached to those too *literally and figuratively) but my beloved iPhone. I know what you’re thinking, she’s making a huge thing out of something so tiny – I’m right there with you! Being sans a phone temporarily whilst it’s getting a facelift after swan diving out of my hand seemed totally do-able, UNTIL I realised how dependant I am on it; I can’t even wake myself up in the morning, never mind attempting to cook anything. *haha ok, so cooking roughly translates to leaving something ready-made in the oven for 20 minutes, but the timer on the phone totally took care of reminding me to take it out. (crucial step that)

Venturing out into the city now seems a tad irresponsible especially since my Garmin decided to die last night just before I got onto the highway **yes I briefly considered throwing it out the window together with any hope that my luck this year would change .. needless to say it’s still lying on the floor of my car, I suspect for a Garmin, that’s punishment enough.

This whole thing did get me thinking though, is my independence tied to something as silly as an iPhone? The answer to that is a wholehearted yes, I can’t signal for help when my car breaks down, (fresh outta pigeons) nor say I’m going to be late heading to a meeting (I despise being late). I’m also a lil bit of an Instagram whore, and seeing a ton of possible photos on the way to my car on friday didn’t help either – I saw an albino squirrel and had an intellectual moment with a duck .. long story.

So as I’m nudging through day 3 of phonelessnessness, I’m trying not to regret exchanging my old iPhone for hair salon visits (gota love small towns) and I’m mentally preparing myself for a power outage (really should invest in candles now that I don’t have a torch).

Is your life tied to a lil device that magically connects you to people?

“The ultimate promise of technology is to make us master of a world that we command by the push of a button.” ~ Volker Grassmuck

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