34 and Grateful


So on the cusp of turning 34, I thought it apt to start another list of sorts, following the previous one I made a while back *yes, I wasn’t lying, I like lists WAY too much.

I hope this list will inspire you to make one of your own, by focussing on the multitude of awesome in our lives, it gets harder and harder to focus on the not-so-awesome.

Some of the things I’m grateful for:

  1. Friends and familia, oviasly at the top of the list – friends who’ve turned into familia, people who make an effort to be in your life, who mention you in their first novels and who finally gave in to your incessant nagging and moved cross-country too (yes, you rock!). The people in your life keeps you grounded and I’ve been blessed with a neat lil mini mini tribe to call my own – I love you all fiercely!
  2. Smarties – judging by the fact that all the stores close to my home are seemingly running out of my tiny lil coping mechanisms, I’m worried that they decided on an intervention and forgot to invite me. So for now I’m grateful the only store I can still find them at must have missed the memo – bless them!
  3. Not having a cookie-cutter life with the husband, the 2.5 kids, a 9-5 and a mortgage to pay; not only would I have sucked at all of it (I can’t cook, I love my stomach the way it is thank you, I adore working at odd midnighty hours and I find plants a teensy bit needy), but I suspect the mundaness of routine woulda killed me by now. I think I’ll stick to the ‘I really want an English Bulldog and an adventurous life filled with tonsa travel’ plan).
  4. My job – heck, what’s not to love? I get to sleep in EVERY day and then spend the rest of it doing something I adore .. can’t get any better than that.
  5. Freedom – oviasly VERY important to the inner rebel, the freedom to do whatever the hell I want to, whenever I choose to, in whichever way I decide to.
  6. The internet – for magically sending me clients, enabling me to work from anywhere and connecting me with a ton of inspiring people and things at the click of a button. I subscribe to a crazy amount of newsletters as a result.
  7. Coffee – that sweet delicious aroma when you’re still trying to convince your brain to catch up to your body in the mornings … aaah.
  8. My quiet nature – when not scrutinised by outsiders, it can be a powerfully liberating thing, it radiates with comfort and peace.
  9. My diary – yes I’m old-school, I have an actual diary, and it rocks! It’s like having my brain next to me AND it allows me to partake in daily list-making-activities. I’d literally be lost without it.
  10. My plants – even though I’m still working on my green thumb, they’re freakin gorgeous and make me happy every time I see them. I’ve somehow warped into a crazy pinterest-inspired-plant-buying-nut, I still want me some hanging pearls and indoor mini vine…
  11. The beach, for being so damn close and so damn pretty, it’s where I clear my head, where really strange people offer to buy me ice cream (happens a lil too often) and where I put life in perspective. Yes a freak tsunami may still kill me, but in the interim it’s a great excuse to get outside.
  12. Sunsets, aah man, my fave time of day and I’m getting quite protective of my daily sunset beach strolls, even in winter … your feet totally loves ya again when you get into your warm car, promise.
  13. My tiny lil car of joy – just seeing it puts a smile on my face, boot the size of a penny: sure (makes me less kidnappable) and so darn zippy; when she growls between gears, you can’t help but grin like an idiot.
  14. Beach sand in my car – a constant reminder that being brave is worth it.
  15. Walking (more specifically walking sans pain) – yes I may have crammed too many squats and lunges into the golden hour before midnight, but walking around like an 80-year-old for two days coz yer muscles hate you, makes you appreciate your health (and your age).
  16. Being surrounded by mountains – I’m definitely a mountain loving gal, it doesn’t matter where I am, which way I’m looking or what the weather’s doing, they’re always freakin gorgeous.
  17. Trees – having them around reminds me that beauty can be subtle and patience gets rewarded … they’re absolutely breathtakingly amazing.
  18. My cozy lil flat – beautiful, quiet and affordable, like a three for one special.
  19. Old-school watches – for just doing what they’re supposed to sans the judgy ‘you’ve-been-sitting-too-long’ mechanism in my apple variant.
  20. My sense of humour – it came standard, but man oh man it’s prob my most prized possession.
  21. My feather duvet – for being all puffy and cozy and making it seem like you’re waking up wrapped in a giant hug in the morning.
  22. Bad hair days – they make working from home that much sweeter.
  23. Music – I can’t sing/dance to save my life, but that does not stop me from doing it in my car. *bless the fact that they’re sorta soundproof ;)
  24. The sun – my inner happy juju is closely aligned with the amount of sunshine I get.
  25. My blender – for keeping me alive and making me feel really adept at mixing ingredients in a cook’ish kinda way.
  26. Books – there’s nothing quite like taking your brain on vacation and devouring a great book, I feel a teensy bit sorry for people who don’t like doing that, they don’t know what they’re missing.
  27. Sweet smelling bubblebaths – there’s something about bubbles playing against soft candlelight that makes you feel instantly relaxed even amidst the craziest of days.
  28. Cayenne pepper – goes with practically anything and it’s good for ya!
  29. Email – what the hell did the working world do sans email? blows my mind.
  30. My inner voice – she can be a tad annoying at times, but once you start listening to her, there’s no going back.
  31. Not owning a tv – I’m a big advocate of: ‘if you haven’t got enough time, watch less tv’ – true story.
  32. Potatoes – mash …. fries … all warm and yummy .. darn now I want some …
  33. Competitions – I’m sticking to my ‘if you can’t afford it, win it’ slogan, I’m a proud freebie-enabler.
  34. Living alone – few places allow you to stroll around naked on occasion (in summer) or dance (badly) to your fave song with reckless abandon sans the fear of someone seeing you. Everybody should have a place they feel 100% cool with themselves 98% of the time.
“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” ~ Meister Eckhart


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