At any given point in time, we’re all juggling a multitude of imaginary balls, and inevitably, eventually, one will drop. How we recover from the fall depends on a whole set of criteria that may involve our mood, our situation and even our character. I for one, have a ginormous amount of balls in the air, sorta resembling a colourful freak show.

I tend to haphazardly carry my freak show with me wherever I go, resulting in me making mental notes of stuff I need to remember whilst on the elliptical at gym, inevitably adding more balls to the mix. Mind you, when I say ‘colourful’, I imagine olive greens and subtle hues – bright colours tend to shout at me, and the world is loud enough already.

Sometimes, one of these balls may go missing … like last week, I lost a quarter cucumber, I had panic-stricken visions of finding it weeks later in my closet or drawer, I even fake-remembered slicing it into my salad (which made me rather happy for two days) .. needless to say, I found it this morning in the back of my fridge: it wasn’t pretty.

More often than not, a few of them fall … I’ve left my doorkeys IN the door (turns out my complex is rather safe), my gym locker keys IN the locker (happens way too often) and I forgot to renew my driver’s license (which made me look REALLY bad seeing as my Mum was in the passenger seat when I got my fine).

But the takeaway would be that the most important balls stay up there, the keeping yourself alive and functioning balls, the remembering to connect with loved ones balls and the ever-present not missing a deadline balls, all the balls essential to your survival tend to magically stay put.

Next time someone you know drops one of their balls; forgetting something important to you or messing up profoundly, take a second to acknowledge the multitude of balls they may be juggling, and cut them some slack.

“Life is a juggling act with your own emotions. The trick is to always keep something in your hand and something in the air.” ~ Cloe Thurlow



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